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  SimpleSwipe: Advanced Event Visitor Tracking

Our lead retrieval system integrates seamlessly with electronic badges used at trade shows and events, instantly capturing contact information from event visitors and matching against target lists when provided. It allows us to automatically personalize content and track each page and click during the visitor's experience. Our online analytics portal provides real time access to dozens of detailed reports that can be viewed whether you are at the booth, on the road, at headquarters or at home. The reporting tools make it easy for exhibit managers to see the impact of their efforts and even compare the results of different events. Leads can be instantly "scrubbed" and downloaded into common formats such as Microsoft Excel, XML or comma or tab delimited files.
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  LeadAhead: Activity Reporting for Sales and Management

Industry statistics often quote the challenges of getting leads and trade show requests into the hands of the people who can help most - the field sales staff. When exhibitors add LeadAhead to SimpleSwipe enabled exhibit, instant alerts and activity reports can be sent directly to the sales representatives who handle the visitors' accounts.
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  TakeoutTrak: Physical and Digital Premium Management

Exhibitors frequently offer something valuable in order to attract visitors to their stations. These items may be physical (such as a branded mug or pen) or they may be digital (such as a white paper or access code). Many states now have laws or proposed laws that require exhibitors to be able to track the value of the items provided to each visitor. Now exhibitors can have tools to help control the distribution of their premium items (to ensure one to a customer for instance) while having options on how to deliver the items. Digital premium items are proven to save on printing, dreyage, shipping and handling. Our eDocument capability saves money for exhibitors by allowing event attendees to select electronic versions of documents and other resources which are sent to attendees via email, instantly, at the end of the day, or after the event. We provide brands with reports that show the results of the campaign including delivery rates, open rates and click throughs. Learn more about TakeoutTrak.


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